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TMI / Too Much Information


TMI is a research based project on the cloud, data centers and electricity. Data is now the most valuable resource on earth, in 2017 data was first recognised to be more valuable than oil. Data that is stored in an airy, invisible, untouchable cloud. Reality is that in order to power the cloud we have to activate real, substantial nature. The idea of an invisible cloud that can store endless amounts of data is just that: an idea. The cloud is stored in data-centers. Data centers are giant buildings, filled with computers and hard-drives that host websites, databases, applications, downloads and so on that make modern life possible. Digital files live in nature, in cables, in power lines, in waterfalls and windmills. A photo of a waterfall could outlive the waterfall itself because the digital entity can be stored forever in pristine condition, it won’t crack or fade. Electricity preserves data, moves it from one country to the next in a matter of seconds. Data centers run almost entirely on electricity and electricity is made in various ways, in some places with burning coal or fossil fuels but in other places by activating waterfalls or sinking territories. Because of their energy consumption data centers emit 250.000.000 tons of carbon dioxide per year which is the same amount as if you were to fly from London to Hong Kong every day for 150 years. TMI is a collection of objects where each one touches on a subject relating to data, nature, electricity, clouds, and data centers. 

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Instructors: Rúna Thors & Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir

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