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about a woman in the east



About a woman in the east was a three month project where I became a stalker. It happened by accident, so to say, when I was staying in the east of Iceland and found a note that lead me to a woman who lived there. With only her name I started my journey weaving the internet for information. The goal of the project was to gather as much information about this person online as I could without crossing any boundaries in order to fathom how much we are really sharing about ourselves online. I never friended her or followed on any platforms, simply looked at everything as a stranger. The information I gathered was very personal, I figured out most of her family tree and where her family members lived, as well as where she lived - both in the past and present, I found her friends and co-workers, her workplace, where she had travelled and with who, her hobbies, I found information about her diet - so precise that I held her a fake dinner party witch I taped, I found out about her health issues and past relationships. I travelled to her home town via google maps and the list goes on and on. It has become known that our presence online is being watched very carefully, that everything we do on the internet is being collected as data that is then used to advertise us relevant or irrelevant products. We don’t seem to mind this data collecting too much, but what if there is an actual person on the other end of it? 


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