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ég er ættuð héðan


I’m from here is a project about how territories are inherited, generation after generation. It is a story of a desolated fjord, inheritance and digital nature. The pixels in the video show the building blocks of an image, the image is of nature and therefore the pixels become a reference to the building blocks of nature.

The story on-top (in Icelandic) was recorded when I was in Vík, Héðinsfjörður, where my family comes from. My great-great-grandmother was the last person that moved from Héðinsfjörður, making it a desolate fjord since 1941. Ever since she left, the piece of land has been inherited by generations, mountains, water, sticks and stones that move from one generation to the next. Territories live inside us, we are collections of experiences and memories of the past. Experiences and traumas that have been passed on through our DNA, generation from generation. Territories that live so deep within us that we don’t notice them. 

The land and the body, human or not, are bound to each other in some sort of causal relationship. Without the land the body is not and without the body the land is different. How materials and energy are constantly moving, finding place in bodies, sediments, moves and changes but never truly disappears. 

Instructor: Tinna Gunnarsdóttir

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